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Quantum technologies are often only over-hyped showed as threat for cybersecurity … But they also offer some opportunities to enhance the cybersecurity landscape . As an example, you may know that a quantum computer will be able to break RSA keys but Quantum communication technologies can also provide a new way to exchange securely a cipher key. More, with Quantum networking technologies, communication eavesdropping are , by design, detectable and thus this could lead to some good opportunities to use them to enhance cybersecurity.
The early days of research on Artificial Intelligence, Frank Rosenblatt, a scientist at Cornell University in the United States, invented what he called the [perceptron] . The perceptron was an algorithm designed to classify objects it was shown and an ancestor of modern [Artificial Intelligence] . When [Rosenblatt] became a little boastful at a press conference in 1958, the New York Times picked up on it and went a little overboard with excitement.
After my presentation [Bias: Statistical and Significant] , last week at the [REWORK Women in AI in Healthcare Dinner] in London, I was asked if I could write something on the topic aimed at a less technical audience. It’s my hope this article will provide enough of a technical intuition about the causes of biases in algorithms, while offering an accessible take on how we are inadvertently amplifying existing social and cognitive biases through machine learning — and what we can do to stop it.