Trauma Doll

Trauma Doll

Crespo, Sofia | 2017


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Meet Trauma Doll: The AI making its own mental health memes

Today, technology has become an inherent part of our lives. It exists beside us, like a weird, clingy friend, generating algorithms and perceiving patterns from every movement we make online. It learns things at a scarily fast pace, and it tries to understand and connect spontaneous human behaviours – from using your choice of Instagram filter to spot depression, all the way through to becoming an accidental vessel for the far-right in an attempt to learn conversational skills.

The more it advances, the age-old fear behind Blade Runner and I, Robot looms closer: Will AI start to feel, just like we do? For Sofia Crespo, the Berlin-based artist behind Trauma Doll, the answer is yes, they probably will, eventually. But to her, that’s not scary – it’s just new.

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