da da da ta

da da da ta

Elwes, Jake | 2017



In ‘dada da ta’ over 50 hours of video interviews with leading figures in the global tech industry have been transcribed using the IBM Watson AI speech to text programme. A custom-made computer programme then identified the instances when the participants spoke using numbers. It then abstracts these words from the source videos, leaving the interview’s chronology intact yet reduced to a stream of numbers:

“One, one billion, one million, one hundred million, two billion, one, two hundred, ten thousand, eighteen thousand, two, two, two, ten, fifteen, nine thousand.” Elon Musk.

Interviews with leading figures in the global tech industry: Mark Zuckerberg - CEO: Facebook, Jeff Benzos - CEO: Amazon, Brian Chesky - CEO: Airbnb, Larry Page & Sergey Brin - Founders: Google, Peter Thiel - Founder: PayPal Palantir & Marc Andreessen - Founder: Netscape, Steve Jobs - Founder: Apple Pixar, Nick Woodman - Founder: GoPro, Jack Dorsey - CEO: Twitter, James Park - CEO: Fitbit, Tim Cook - CEO: Apple, Reid Hoffman - Founder: LinkedIn, Stewart Butterfield - Founder: Flickr Slack, Drew Houston - Founder: Dropbox, Jack Ma - Founder: Alibaba Group, Jimmy Wales - CEO: Wikipedia, Niklas Zennström - Founder: Skype, Sean Rad - Founder: Tinder, Travis Kalanick - Founder: Uber, Satya Nadella - CEO: Microsoft, Elon Musk - Founder: SpaceX: Tesla & Paypal, Bill Gates - Founder: Microsoft, Devin Wenig - Founder: eBay, Kevin Systrom - Founder: Instagram, Paul Eremenko - CEO: Airbus Group, Reid Hoffman - Founder: LinkedIn, Aaron Levie - Founder: Box, Jonathan Ive - CDO: Apple, Dustin Moskovitz - Co-Founder: Facebook, Ben Silbermann - CEO: Pinterest, Reed Hastings - Founder: Netflix, Evan Spiegel - Founder: Snapchat, Daniel Ek - Founder: Spotify.